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Feeling Tension
ita a Feeling, of Cloudy Dreariness, even when outside, high is a Rising, shiny Bright,  Sun, 

Tensions lead to Stress
and a  sick feeling, of feeling, much less than your Best

Tension it's, an accumulated Feeling,of many things events occurances disturbances, and it's almost impossible to put your finger with one event right directly  on--IT
and to Mention, it, but it's just an Uncomfortable, unexplainable, Feeling, that deep, deep, deep, within, ones own self, that sometimes feels,  So, cloudy, and don't just perfectly happily sunny and delightfully, FIT

Some  Folks, they, will take, Excederin-Tension, Headache--Meds, when, great severe-Uncomfortable--Tension, Headache--they-Feel, IT

But for Me, I would just Rather--WRITE--and----------PRAY-PRAY-PRAY---and---P--R--A--Y-------- about, It, and relive the Tension and Stress, even, if only for a little--BITTY-Bitty-BITTY-----Bit

13th of MARCH 2018

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Feeling Tension