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Very, Very, Very, Often I Feel
to, Many, I am not, too much,  of, an Importance,   To them, and that big of a Deal

With my-POEMS,--of--my---LOVING---LIVING---and--LIFE
i, know, that many others, Family, Friends, and Foe, --some,they appreciate me, NOT, and criticise, me very very very, Lowly, and cuttingly, as a Knife

For I know, this breath and Moment, in Time, I have no Great, Wealth, or Materialistic, Gain to, my--NAME
so, Really, I'm not that very Valuable, and am not Worth, that Much, to many, I know and Realize the--SAME

But this I do Know, very Deep Within, Myself, that in, my--Life, Living, and LOVE, to, Be--TRUE
that, one day, with Great, Wealth, Health, Fitness, and Wellbeing, with--GREAT-LONGEVITY--I, will, be---A-B-U-N-D-A-N-T-L-Y--Wonderfully--BLESSED-BLESSED-BLESSED--TOO

So, just Maybe, this very--simple-simple-simple--little--RHYME

This very Breath, and Moment, that I Write, means--very--very--very--little--and--Penny-Worthless--to--some, -----------BUT-in,time, may Become, my--Greatest-GREATEST-Greatest---Wealth--and--HAPPINESS--when, I, turn, to be,----a----CENTURIAN----Plus--T-W-E-N-T-Y---years-youg--with--Beautiful--GODSENDiNGLY----Beautiful---Loving--SHINE-shine-SHINE

13th of MARCH 2018

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Very Often I Feel