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To have Determination
will lead to Dedication

From  Dedication
will Become---------MOTIVATION

MOTIVATION,-------- is Reflected, in every little, Thing
look to Nature, as a Beautiful, Fresh water, Pristine and Clean, stream flowing,  so rapidly and freely, and --------MOTIVATIONALLY--------, with zip, zap, and--Zing

The ---------MOTIVATION--------of a little shy song bird how so Joyously, -and-- Happily-Happily---------MOTIVATIONALLY--------it--- hops hops and Sings
The ---------MOTIVATION-------, of how a Lion, is  the Greatest, in all of the Wild, ---and--------MOTIVATIONALY--------the--King of Kings

The --------MOTIVATION, ---------of the Great,----------GRIZZLEY--------, Mighty, Bear, how they will, claim their Hunting Grounds, and Domain, and  Climb the Highest, Hill, and find the Greatest Biggest,huge old Standing tall, and Brave--Tree, and on --------Tippy, --------Tippy, --------GRIZZ----------Bear---toes,-- they ---reach ---and ---stretch,---  and ---reach, ---and ---stretch--- all --the---way---tippy--toed-------OUT

And with great ---------GRIZZLEY--------, Paw, they, scratch with their --------GRIZZ---------mighty-----Claw--and leave their great --------GRIZZ----------highest Mark, and claim to fame this Forrest for all ---this --highest --mark----to----for--ALL--other--new--Grizzly--Contenders--to-----SEE

That he is the Greatest of the greatest tallest most --Ferrocious,-------- GRIZZLEY----------and--for-----ALL-TO-BE---BEWARE----and----all, other--critters--and--Grizzlies--this--be-----HIS------------GRIZZ------------hunting-grounds--and--claim to fame----GRIZZ-----TERRITORY

By john d JUNGERS
13th if MARCH 2018

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To have Determination