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It's a Nice, --------BLESSED-------- Feeling,and----------GODSEND, -------- to feel, Completely, Understood

Its just such of a dearly,-------- BELOVED-------- Feeling,when, Another, sees your--Qualities, of--Intenseness--EXTREMENESS---and--Craziness--as--Pure--Greatness--and, they, can see, your, sincere genuine, --------GODLY,-------- Faithful, Humble kind, Good Simple, Heart,  --and---see, your--simple--shy--qualities--as--Strong-as----MINNESOTA--STEEL--not, meek, and weak, particle--board--Flimsy, Plyable, Breakable,  not --enduring, and long lasting or weathering---Great--wood

A Person, who can--Recognize, another's Strongest Qualities--of-Grand-Great--and--GOOD

Its Because, of the exact fact that they themselves are --------GOLDEN,-------- GOOD, --------GREAT, --------and --------GRANDER,-------- than --------GRAND, --------and so, sincere kind thoughtful, Loving compassionate-------- GODLY,-------- Loving and True, and they themselves are as strong as steel, and that's Understood, and as strong as the Great Red Wood Great----------SEQUIA---------mighty--Trees--everlasting--enduring----Great---WOOD

13th of MARCH 2018

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To be Understood