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Steamboat days, Minnesota FISHING Contest

When I was a Boy, in Winona Minnesota, way back when, I entered the Local, Steam Boat days, FISHING --------Contest
and to Come in First place, I knew, that I Could if I Tried my --------Best

Well, I learned from my Ole GRAMPS, in Wisconsin,how---,To-PERFECTLY---and--CAREFULLY---EXACTLY---BAIT,------the--HOOK----and----be-PATIENT---be--STILL--, and-WAIT, -and--WAIT--and--WAIT---stay--CALM---and-then--suddenly--SET, the Hook,--------- so I -was-taught, by the Best in Wisconsin, so I knew how to----------FISH
and this little --FISHIN- Contest --I wasn't even -Wishin-and-Hopin--, cause I knew I could----------WINish

Well, I didn't win for the biggest --greatest-Whopping-Jumpin---FISHIES-- caught, ---partly--cause--I didn't have one of them --far-out-a-mile-long-Casting--Fancy, Expensive Reel, and Rods---, so, for the Biggest FISH, caught I didnt get to Brag and--------BOAST
but I did win for the Kid who caught FISH the--------MOST--MOST--MOST

I found a FISHING hole and full --of--Blue-- Giill---sunnies --Hundreds--of--them--all--Bunched--Together---in--FISH----------School
and I caught one right after the other after the other and even lost Count, it was just so exciting and so ----------COOL

, so, I came in first place--- with the --------MOSTEST, --------FISH caught, and my --------PRIZE
was-a----Tackle box, kinda silverfish blue and filled with all sorts of FISHING  gear ----------INSIDE

That  FISHIN  Contest and my first Prized Tackle box, I won was my proudest ever ---FISHING---  PRIDE--- and --------PRIZE,
when I brought home my ---first-Place---FISHING---PRIZE-------MA-----she----smiled --and she said she wasn't surprised and I saw the --------PRIDE-------- in --her. --EYES

13th of MARCH 2018

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