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Holds the Light of Day

When a painter cleans his brush
he washes away the color once...
Used on canvas of earth and sky,
Revealing beauty and captures
Gentle sighs.

When the Poet lays his pen down,
His words reveal his heart.
Let it be joy, or sorrow his
Work walks today, and echoes
Through tomorrow.

The pen can capture hope when
Hope escapes, it drapes in tear
Stain parchment on the heart.
When the light begins to fade his
Soul rises to invade, to hold the
warmth those words have made.

I have seen the canvas of my years,
revealing the light of laughter
and the weight of tears.

Within the parchment written words,
of life's moment's unsaid or unheard.
What image that stays behind, I pray
Is a loving heart true and kind, 
a soul who holds the light of day!

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Holds The Light Of Day