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Captured by Silence

It was the silence that captured me.
The stillness was soothing.
Only the rhythm of my heart.
A beam of moonlight illuminates
A sullen moment hesitates.

The sleeping sun is beyond closed
Doors. The night has poured its
Motionless moments into nocturnal Moors.
Tied to the dock of placid waters
The night becomes my ship. My chalice
Is about to tip. The vintage piece, a gentle 

My eyes feed the hungry spirit, the
Solitude becomes that platter of fruitful
The absence of useless chatter defines,
The pacing of the hour as it intwines.

The hands of distant stars stroke the
 heart  with brilliant lusters, swaying
In the warmth of Heavenly clusters.
I sit at my table of life, with sadness
 Of untasteful strife.

Time will set the pace when the sun
Opens her eyes once more, this silence
will lose its space.
Time will bellow in beams of yellow 
The view of mornings begins that
Noisy race. Yet those moments of
Solitude I will recall and move forward.....
Rising to the Mornings call...
When light embraces one and all...

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Captured By Silence (Revision)