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If I Could Sing

If I could sing
Sweet melodies would
Sail across earth and stone
Across oceans vast and deep
Large and wide
Keeping the song alive.
My song would crawl upon your shore
Keep the beat with each flight,
With each movement the rhythm tight,
Like fireflies dancing into the night.
I would send the melody to you
The harmony picking up with each step
Towards your soul -
The music would enter you-
Moving you to movement
As you twirl and swirl
A smile upon the lips
As my words would rise
And if I could sing
I'd tell you no lies
Only speak truth
And tell you my dear
Purity lives
And love is supreme
And with my words
You'd simply know what I mean.
If I could sing
I sing to you a symphony
Catered in part by a whole section of strings
But right now you'll just have to accept the winds
As they blow
For if I could sing-
I would give you the grandest show of love
any soul could ever know!

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If I Could Sing