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Childhood List on Rainy Days

On one rainy day, my Mother told me
To make a list of my favorite places
Things and faces.  So I did!

I love laughter it helps me grow, giggles
and chuckles.
I like shiny patten leather shoes with
silver or gold buckles.

Places I love that list is long, I love
The rich green forest, the deep blue sea,
Rainbows and falling stars, my backyard swing
On our old oak tree.

There are the snow tip mountains up high
That earth soil can hug the sky.
I can't forget the peaceful stream where tadpoles
swim in the waters gleam.

I love the faces of family and friends
That is a sight where love does not end.
The faces on a busy street and the shuffle of  
Their feet.
The face of my faithful dog, sleeping peacefully
By an old hollow log.

I know with all his love and grace that I will
Love and cherish the glow of Sweet Jesus' Face
When Easter comes, I remember his sacrifice and
Love and I will stay good and kind until I leave 
This earth behind.

My favorite things I recall is the warmth of
Blessings on rainy days when hope and love can 
Surface and I can sit amazed looking in the faces 
With a soft and loving gaze!

Sometimes I love a rainy day.

@Allseasonsverse 2018/6/12
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Childhood List on Rainy Days