My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr


Shattered and alone, between two extremes
I've traveled so far in my life and have gone nowhere, surrendering to the crashing waves of the beach
I run in circles chasing dreams
Only to find they are just out of reach

Why keep trying when I know exactly how this will end, it's overdue
What is the purpose of this life, but to find the half that completes you?
It may sound corny, but oh so true…
At 42 I somehow found the courage to leave a broken marriage and withdrew

At 43, the love of my life has turned his back on me not once, but five times, all in the span of six months...write that on my gravestone
Wine and benzos numb the pain enough to get through the seemingly endless nights
At 44, I will spend another birthday alone…
Who is more pitiful, the one who runs or the one who stays to pick up the pieces and go to the light?

Shattered, my heart is hollow
Alone with my memories in which I wallow

All rights reserved by the author, Jean Parr, through, Copyright 2017