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There was an old Oak tree
in the middle of the meadow.
This tree seemed to touch the
Her branches would gently sway
When a soft breeze would pass by.

Holding nest of welcome guest, a
family of Robins grows with loving
Care, the peaceful Oak so willing to

A mother deer and her fawn lay
Resting in her shade.
A place of peace the Mighty Oak
Has made.

Her trunk is holding the earth
With quality and majestic worth.
She knows her roots must go deep,
To reflect the life she longs to

Wildflowers  circle her in vivid rainbow 
Colors hue. 
She stands throughout all seasons and
drinks the rain and sips the dew.

She holds the wings of the wild with 
Strong loving limbs on high.
She knows no sadness,  she owns 
No tears to cry.

Sunset, sunrise she views the meadow
as her home for her life and holds the
The peace that calms all strife.
I bow to thee to kiss the hands
Of this mighty tree.


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Mighty Tree