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She could not help to think it
was something she said or did.
His silence was heartbreaking,
she wanted to leave her tears
behind. Their heavyweight pressed
Painfully on her mind.

She left never to look back,
She heard the train coming down
the tracks.
A late night one-way ticket to
Nashville, she felt a sudden chill!

She only had one desire, she runs away.
Her flame for him became a burning fire.
Now her heart was scared and wounds of
Deep pain remains, nothing would be the

The train's whistle sounds in the night
Soon the distance pulls away from
familiar sights.
The chill stills surge down her spine, she
Had many hopes for him, but all have declined.

Twisting down the tracks, darkness seems
To hold her soul in sorrow, perhaps the sun will
Bring a better tomorrow?
She tips her head back, closes her eyes.
The rhythm of the moving train helps
Her sorrow fly.

Wherever she goes she surely knows,
That love on that day was a love that
Could or would not stay.
She faces another chapter, from this day
And after. If she would of would have stayed
Her soul could have been lost, she was not willing
To pay that cost.

The Dawn is in a soft glow it strikes her
Aching heart with peace, yet, the distance
has brought no relief, only loneliness and
It is an endless circle of lover's grief.

Nashville station soon appears, she quickly
Dry her tears time to face her haunting fears.
Even if it means she would be alone her remaining

She stands to exit for Nashville when again she
felt that chill, as she steps down, there he stood
With inviting arms, and warm words for her to come
home he would make life good.

By his side, I live my heart still shakes now and then
But my love is there to give.
Many children grew from our commitment
and our love, blessed by the good Lord above!
Yes, Nashville is a fading thought but I can not
Forget the hope and love it brought.

(The Chill is gone, warmed by his love, our life 
Together moves on )

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The Chill That Night