many sides to Rosey

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I saw the sadness
In your blue eyes
When you admitted
You did ask God
To reunite you
With your departed Dad

caI look at my reflection in the mirror
At my blue eyes, only shades lighter,
With the same deep sadness
As I asked, once again,
For God to reunite me
With you, my Mom

When you died,
My heart was torn in two
One was filled with deep heartache
Which seem to intensify through the years
And the other half died along with you,
Cold, hard, black and gone

At your funeral,
I silently prayed with guilt
For God to come and get me
Like He did with you
“Why” was never a question I asked, but “when?”

I walk around
Like a dead soul
Biding my time on earth
While at nights, I lie awake with emotions
Out of control, wondering where you went
And how badly I want to be with you

@Rosey - date unknown