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In the shadows a soul awaits.
In Lunar Glow time hesitates.
Deep depression slowly rise
Smoke begins to burn the

No tomorrow rings out loud,
No hospitable ground, just
an ebony shroud.
Life of sleeping soldiers
Reveals the strong and proud.

Not in the never-never land the fallen
Again will stand, it will be in the
Streets of gold, were Sweet Jesus will
Take a hold.

All that was is no more, in distant
Lands and availing shores.
The peace is now with
Their warrior, souls.

The weapons vanish no longer
Needed. A world of light is
Softly seeded.
In life, they rose.....
Triumphantly to every test.
Now Jesus walks with them
and brings them rest.
All war has ceased, now, All
Stands with Ultimate Peace!

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Ultimate Peace