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Life is all around in the air and in the ground.
The sun beams its rays over misty haze.
The land held out her hand, Revealing the picture
Perfect of God' beauty so grand.

Now soars the Eagle and dove of the air, a very
Unlikely Pair.
The cooing Dove, the Eagle massive wings so
Wide fills this land with feathered pride.

In times of peace, these birds will glide, over
Seacoast and Open tide.
Gulls take their place in the salty air.
The Dove and Eagle understand, their preference
Is the land of grace, in the forest is their special

Mother deer and baby Fawn stands in open field
To witness dawn.
Life is giving unto life, I open wide my eyes, I have
a chance to take apart, of Beauty's prize.......

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Beauties Prize, Reprise