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Mankind Beholds

Dawn brings halos of the climbing sun.
Soft shimmers of the early day have begun.
Lazy stillness wipes the sleep from her eyes.
A soft hint of blue in open skies.

Speaking in gentle whispers and breathtaking
My heart elates with wings on high.
A touch of fading winter cold, still speaks
it's named soft yet, bold.

In the newborn light Angels hold the passing
Of land, earth, and sea yet, life holds the spirit
Casting shadows on the land the hand of God
Embrace his awesome land.

Silence awakes and kisses the beauty of serene
It gives a hope of songs and holds the moment so
Soft but strong.

In waves of trusting wind and sheepish hold, the
Sun reflects its finest gold.
A gift that mankind beholds!

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Mankind Beholds