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She knows no other way to mourn.
Black velvet and lace was what
She wore. Never to place her hands in his anymore.

His aftershave still lingered in the air,
English Leather was the scent, her tears gathered
In waves of sorrows left her broken heart
In much pain, her spirit bears the stain.

Days pass slowly, she whispers his name,
to no avail.
Her hands so cold and pale.
Becoming weak and so very frail.
Then photos of her past flashed his
Smile, when their life together was
lived in epic style.

Memories of midnight beach, warmth was
in her reach.
The Glow of Hunter's Moon casting twin
Reflections in the silent lagoon.
The grains of sand slip away when stars
Cast a casual ray.

It all comes to pass when her heart shattered
Like smokey glass.....
Silence takes her breath away and leaves her
Hiding from the day.

Will there come a time when she sees his spirit
has crossed the waters and dances above the trees?
What lies ahead is so much more when twin flames
Unite on Heaven's shore.
Echoes of her prayers fill the night,
reaching out for his love that filled her life,
with purity of Love's .......
precious light.
She knows no other way to mourn
Between life and death, she is torn.....

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She Knows no Other Way to Mourn