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When Light, Lights the Darkness

Just take a look around
Many good people to be found.
Yet, the fact remains we will
Know, both comforts
and pains.

With good, there is also bad. With
Happy there can be sad.
With beginnings there are ends.
We will walk through life with enemies
and friends.

So give me an artist that makes
The capture of the rising sun, and 
Displays its rays when rainy days keeps
Raindrops on the run.

A picture perfect moment of a glimpse
Of Gods creation!
The sweet brush that reveals a lasting view 
Of gentle warm elation.

What of the Poet, who freeze the woes 
Over time,  Who speaks of peace and 
Giving hearts to make hope start the

The testimony of a lovers song that 
Dries the weeping the eye and holds
Those tears that fall and give them
Wings to fly.

There will be a time and place when
When starlit skies will brace it all,
When the light of God's good heaven
Will bring the beauty when he calls.

When light, lights the darkness, we
Will no longer fall.
We will stand to witness the awesome
Wonders of it all.

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When The light, lights the Darkness