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I remember as a child when life
was sweet and mild.
Work and play filled each day
It was a time with a delightful

Each year grew with cheer and
Left some sadness here and there.
My brother always was my friend
He stood so very near.
We brought each other's fears, to
A crashing end!

Sand or snow Castles according
To season's call, it brought out
The best, when heat or cold could
not let us rest.

Many years have transpired and
Left those times behind.
The innocence of child play
Truly, lives in those golden days.

Today another generation are busy
with a video a game, the play has
Change, technology views those
golden days reckless and maybe strange.

Well I learn from that play that
Has built a sturdy place with my
own hands, then given Technology,
to simplify or complicate...
the knowledge.....
Of it all!


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Golden Days as a Child