Dreaming in Motion

I need to slip away in the light of
my creation, a ceremonious breeze
high in the heavens of contentment
softly whispering, to gather flowers
wild, from a field of daisies, buttercups
goldenrod, and Indian paint brushes.

Wondrously! I laid upon the sweet grasses
aroma hypnotizing my attention, astonished
by beauty that surrounded me, enchanted
with whippoorwills echoing through the
tree tops of mountain pine, while clouds
darkened slowly, for the dance to begin, with
dots swiftly appearing, sparkling across the
velvet heavens.

The silver disk of light shone down, upon
the lake, dressed in a sheet of clear glass
with tree frogs singing their immortal mating
call with serenity, blissfully kissing the night
good-night, sweet dreams, with God watching
mother, moisturizing the coolness of delight
and promise of another day.

By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Dreaming in Motion