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Deeds of the honest, are rewarded.
The peace of goodwill enriches life.
Only quality of true spirit can defeat
Antagonistic strife.

The still waters  can sail in the grace
Of Heavenly illumination.
In His magnificent creation.

Solitude whispers in soft 
in the light of lights
That embrace on high.

Wars of humanity, petty greed
Has taken heed, and lost its

A better world that heals all
Sickness and brings good 
Health weighs heavy with
Spiritual wealth.

Walk with the Lion and the sheep
All sorrows lay in endless sleep.
Rejoice the moment, that victors 

The light of prayers has come with
Endless day. 
His mighty Kingdom has come our way.
Forgiven sins wash clean brings piety
An ultimate sheen!

In the light of prayers and devotion
He has given forgiveness and set
Salvation in an upward motion.
We must not hesitate, the 
The serenity of His Love 

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Light of Prayers