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Behemoth Leviathan

Within the Mariana Trench lies unexplored uncountable leagues of caves   
A network interweaved and connected so vast that new undiscovered sea life had been found.
Older prediscovered species has increased in size anywhere from six to twenty times their normal size.
It has not been determined as to the present size of the newest species recently found.  
Amany times I have encountered this creature, being cursed by a Shaman Medicineman
Off the coast of Montserrat, West Indies in the Year of our Lord 1687 cursed to never walk
The lands again until the end of all times doomed to travel through time forever unknowing what history
In time I would remain until being hurled into another period. This is one of those times. 
Out of  the briny abysmal deep, it crept slowly swimming creeping out of its lair waiting to strike
Outward as a snake coiled doubling the length of its body. Upward like a spider upon a web bouncing
Towards its prey.  Fathoms upon fathoms upward climb, its ten armlike tentacles
Spiraling, ascending out tipped with calcium spike-pointed feelers, two of the ten being feeding tubules with teeth
lined circular openings, Grasping nothing furthering its climb to more than ninety feet at a time. It's slightly buoyant
tubular eggshaped body released tiny slime-filled bubbles oozing through scales covering its entire body except for a
small area around its dual-lidded-lensed eyes.  Suddenly it stops changing direction in an instant heading towards
a commotion on the surface, the wake of several smaller ships from a Whaler schooner which was in chase of a Big Blue Whale. 
My men harpooned it several times tiring the behemoth enough to bring it under control to bring it back to the schooner for processing. 
Nearing the ship with the whale skiffs, the team onboard the Schooner was working like a well-oiled machine casting ropes in
preparation to secure the catch for the processing of the fat and oils needed for their bounty.  Suddenly the Schooner was cast
about violently back and forth nearly capsizing with thousands of gallons of water rushing onboard, men being washed overboard
engulfed by the unseen creature the whaling skiffs being crushed by the armlike tentacles of the Leviathan as the men were being skewered
by the calcium spike-pointed feelers and eaten like Hors D'oeuvres one after another until the men and skiffs were either toothpicks or torn
apart like chum.  The aftermath of battling the Leviathan had always been the same blood, death, destruction, and mayhem plus the loss of equity.
One-hundred and eighty-seven was the complement aboard the Schooner, thirty-three was presumed dead or missing with another twenty-four injured.
I would then suddenly be thrust into another time period where I had to face it, again and again, with no certainty of killing the Behemoth Leviathan.
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Behemoth Leviathan