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If Only We Believe

Sun is covered by rain clouds.
The thunder speaks rather loud.
Tears of Heaven fill the land.
God stretches out His hand.

Jesus bows his head, a prayer
To his, Father is said.
With love, Sweet Jesus beams.....
In soft and Holy streams.

Hope does sprouts from those seeds.
In the hour that brightly gleams.
His sacrifice and endurance gives
Us all an eternal life to live.

We are given a choice to hear
Salvation from his voice.
His love for us is clear
He holds his flock so dear.

There is a light, that ends
All nights or darkest hour
Does not conceal the brightest
Heavenly light softly showers

In shadows, he will guide
and bring us safely to the
other side.
If only we believe, Salvation
We will receive.
His loving light will relieve...
If only we just believe.

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If Only We Believe