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Walk Away

She walked away,
her head bows to the sadness
that surrounds.

Slowly her heart pounds,
a lazy rhythm, a muffled sound.
Night sweeps across the hills,
in moonlit halos, the hour chills.

Her fellow soldiers lay down
their arms, life dangles in the balance.
Battles Won and Lost,
there is an unsettling Cost. 

War has left its mark, and left us
Fallen in the dark.
Flames illuminate the field, our efforts 
Can not yield. 

No one will be left behind, we care 
and treat our kind.
When dawn appears and the sun 
lights our fears, we bring our warriors 
home, and let the turmoil roam.

They have done their best, many
surrenders to eternal rest.
Night and Day carries on, yet our
casualties of War are never gone.

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Walk Away