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Sunny Skies

The night calls out in thunder.
The early hours rumbles.
The earth drinks the fresh
Waters of the sky, 
Not one creature on the wing,
The Pitter Patter  of the showers
Grow stronger by the hours.

The earth thirsts for future green
Flowers that bud in gardens scenes.
Dressed in Spring's rich loving birth
Holding Dear it's likely worth.
Life so new and rich in vivid shades
Bids farewell to winters maze.

Thunder speaks again and shakes 
The poet's pen.
A hint of dawn moves on and holds
The glimmer of silent stars, clouds 
That clear to view their site, shines 
In the passing storm of night.

What wonder God reveals as 
Raindrops flow with springtime 
A night of lazy rains,  and sassy 
Thunder will soothe the pains.
Each drop of water will feed the

In times of solace and soulful 
Sighs, I hold the hope for stormy
Birds will drift again on high, and 
Bring the warmth of sunny skies.

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Sunny Skies