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My Heart to You, I Give

Gentle whispers of the night take my breath away!
In these silent moments, my tears appear to stay.
The heart  that stands alone weighs heavy on 
My chest. I close my eyes to heartaches test.

Without your love, my soul will not rest.
Can you see the burden that breaks my life in two?
Can you hear my pain needs comfort for a cure?
The open heart is shattered by much I've endured.

Your love is life to me without its warmth deep sorrows
Are designed and sure.
Look deep into my eyes; you'll know my love for you
Will always remain pure.

In chaotic moments when hope strives for peace
 My love for you has only increased, an undying love
That will not cease.

So in these hours of worry when desolation seems
So near, the unknown is merely a common fear.
Just know in spite of toil my love is here, by your
Side.  If only I could find a place for troubled times
to hide.

So if I fall in the midst of turmoil's call my troubled
Heart and soul will mend,  my crashing ride in
Life will end and see that hope will grow, 
and meet you at the bend.
To my Partner, my love, my gentle giant, my faithful friend
My desire to you I send, as we live, my heart to you I give!

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My Heart to You, I Give