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"To live for a moment and then just to die"
I heard the sad, but gentle girl cry.
"Do all of our paths just lead to the grave
and to worms and to beetles must we become slave?"
She walked on down to the rivers high banks
And to all natures wonder she gladly gave thanks
But her heart it was heavy and the loneliness hurt
So her tears came so easily as they fell to the dirt.
Her dress it was white and her eyes they were blue,
Her hair it was long and as gold as the dew;
Her name it was Lucy and of friends she had none,
So she wandered the valleys and dreamed in the sun.
She hoped there was something beyond all the pain
But in the eyes of the world she was someone insane;
So she walked to the river to find a solution,
Praying that in deep water lay an end to confusion,
So she leapt and she dropped like a leaf in the breeze
And the rivers cruel waters poor Lucy did seize
And they carried her away and they ended her life
With never one to love her or call her his wife.

Alas that such beauty should die for no reason
That one so precious should leave in spring season
While those with the answers in complacency dwell
And of all their secrets they choose not to tell;
Yet they read all their books in mirth and in glee
Whilst from humanity all hope it does flee
And those who are watching in realms above folly
Must wait and brood in pity at our melancholy;
But way beyond sorrow a great hope it does grow
And through all of life a wisdom will flow
And our Lucy I know will live once again
She will shine on the earth like the sun after rain,
For her thoughts they were pure and her heart it was true
And her soul it was clear as the sky it is blue.

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