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* A Hungry Childs Eyes *
A hunger a thirst is addressed first.
So the body nurtures and grow. 
There is a blight of starvation,
That sweeps through the nation.

How haunting the eyes of a Hungry
 child, I ache to feed them
Set a place at my table, warm food
Cold milk from the hands that are able.

When we see tiny hands reach in their
 empty plate can we stand idly  and
Seal such a painful fate?

Now is the time of giving, to soothe the
Our youths hunger, so they can stay 
With the living.

When we act on awareness and take apart
We can feed our future, and healing will

When we address the need with a
conscientious and warm loving heart,
Let action take part and care will lead,
For this nation has many to feed!

( One in six children of the USA go
Hungry, a reality we could change)

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A Hungry Childs Eyes