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A Part Dwells

The last ship to the city, homeward bound. 
Months and years gather like fallen leaves.
The metallic stars shine from shoulders
and sleeves.  

Another journey, seas of blood and tears, 
Sails away with broken years. 
Battles eventually won the War, but the heart
Of a Nation is sadly torn, their bodies battered
And worn.

A sullen hold clenches his soul.   Faces and places
Haunt his mind in a land where life is hard to find.
As the ship sails away a part of him will stay.
The Demons of War will never lay, the young, old and
Innocent are the ones who pay. 

A part of him swells in a place that dished out hell
A story he will not tell, his comrades that fell, the 
Trauma, sights, sounds, and smells, where death
And destruction dwells.

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A Part Dwells