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Empty City

There was a vast noble city near the sea.
It stood empty for many years...
No one would stay because of their fears...
It was said, it was a city of the dead...

On one crisp winter eve, I decided to stay in
The Castles main hall. My brother and I opened
The main doors and a mist rose from it's chilly

Dust and webs cling to the furniture...
Within, damp and dark  we searched for candles
Long ago it was ram sacked by vandals
So we made a torch, to give us light, 
And we stayed the entire night.

The hall was filled with ghostly screams, it
Wasn't something We dreamed!
The sound of a weeping mob filled the air
With sorrowful sobs...

Each time I'd close my eyes, a mist would
Slowly rise.
It was a place were many spirits dwelled
Imprisoned in the walls of this castle, there since
The cities fall... 100 years ago, the only home
Those spirits know...

A queen was on her tattered thrown, her eyes
Were deep and dark, she held her father's sword
She'd cry out his name, but the queen's father never

"What can we do for you dear lady queen?"  She only 
Maintained her stare, she didn't know we were there!
So we stuck together tucked inside away from freezing

The morning arrived and my brother and I were safe and
Still alive, we left never to return, but later we discovered
Long ago that castle burned, never knowing how it gave
Our shelter, as we left we turned to see, a pile of ashes
Remain, we never spoke of this until today, cause it is
Viewed as insane........
That empty city where nothing remains, only it's Ghostly

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