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"Author Is Unknown"

While serving in Vietnam I had the honor & great privledge to have served
as an augmentee Security Policeman at night defending our very small and
remote South Vietnamese air base called Binh Thuy with these very brave &
very courageous men of the Blue Berets for my first two months in country
in addition to doing my own duties of maintaining our crash-fire & rescue
vehicles during the day for the U.S. Air Force & South Vietnamese Firemen.
Though we who served as augmentees never went through the very rugged
& advanced training that these Blue Berets had taken to earn their berets,
we did serve side by side with them defending our remote air base at night
and while doing so they trained us in all of the advanced training & the
tactics for which we had not been trained to carry out over there during
our own tours of duty in Vietnam. We relied on them and they relied on us
too as we were very short handed over there and we were trained to assist
them to not only defend that base, but to keep the enemy from ever trying
to overrun our defensive positions and keeping our base secure for those
who were serving there defending freedom. It was truly a great honor too.


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