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She holds her child in her loving arms.
Sweet melody she sings.
Sound asleep his eyes will keep the comfort
And the warmth his mother brings.

Days come and go, this sweet infant grows,
He soon becomes a man, his days of loving
Care begins to show.

When winter covers his days with wind and icy
Snow he warms his hands with kindled fire, his heart
With memories glow.

His own infant looks into his eyes, as clouds drift
Through the skies, his life reflects his start, and 
Passes hope as coldness parts.

It all began with comfort's melody
the light continues on. His mothers
Loving touch remains, long after she
Is gone. 

Full -circle life reveals the value of her
Love and rays of warmth shine from 
Her smiles in her home of Golden
Heavens from above.

The seed of warmth that spring is the
Tree of life that bears the fruit of care,
The fruit that thrives on loves refreshing
The footsteps of the past his mother made
Will truly never fade......

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Never Fade