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***Not In Vain***

Do you know a broken heart remains contained in scars?
It reaches out for healing in the path of countless stars.
It aches for another touch and weeps for wholeness both
Near and far.

No path is traveled with vigilance without a peaceful stride.
A continuous  pace will reveal itself moving forward 
Then side to side.  Aches and pains attempt to hide with
Piety and pride. 

The heart recalls the  love that wounds, in motionless
disconnection, a plea for divine warmth for guardian angels
Heavenly protection. Weep not, for the lost, weep not
For the cost, the Devine will unite and reap the tears
Of solitary connection.

There will be a moment when life will lead and scars 
Will cast the sprouting seeds of flowering fields and 
Sorrows no longer yield......
Now turn the soil,  forward steps " grief's work" is
Briefly sealed.....

So cast aside the chains, and let tears become the rain.
Let hope regain, and lose the torment of relentless pain.
The presence of completeness is valued as a gain.
The broken heart mends and hopes slowly obtained...
The scars are reminders of a quest that is not in vain...

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Not In Vain