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Music Drowns out the Noise

I feel the heat of the sunshine through my window.
Just two days ago I felt an artic draft and watched 
The falling snow.
A peaceful moment for my lazy cat, she loves them 
Magnifying heat, my windowsill is her royal seat.
The silence captures the morning rays and greets
Me with amber haze.
Soon there will be the busy bustle of the streets
a gentle hour will soon defeat.
Meatloaf, Stewart, Springsteen, Bowie, Segar, and
Steve Miller Band, can sing it out right where I stand.
Crank up the tunes, and let it be a noise filler.
That music was melody thrillers.
Songs of the day when "Born to be Free" will 
Fill your head with its honesty.
So my blue jeans and music power, will 
Visit me in the hour.
"Music that can soothe the soul, bring on that old 
Rock and Roll."
A day of oldies and goodies will make up
For my boots and hoody.
Did I forget to mention Kansas, Kiss, and Queen?
"Another brick in the wall," will make the scene.
Yes, Floyd will, fill the void!
Besides the house needs a good cleaning, I'll
Pump up the Base, and shine up this place! ( Could 
This be the start of spring fever? Perhaps, just a
Stress reliever!)

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Music Drowns out the Noise