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***Daylight Shares Her Grace***

The darkest hour before the light.
The soft whispering fading night.
Sleep is forbidden with such moments
Of peace, when all but the sounds of 
Nature ceases.

The melting snow reveals the soil, to 
Prepare for full dressed trees that 
Will shade the Sun's future boil.
Birds slowly gather once again, to hold
The fields as leisure's den.

Wide eyes of newly born fawn watch the
The magic of the dawn.
When Sunlight touches the land, Angels strokes
The Poets hand. 
In solitude, the soul will stand.
A fleeting time of life so grand.

Take a glance as  light advance, at sky and 
Scenic  hills, and know the life that meets
The mind will warm the heart of any chill.
Now watch the light embrace the beauty
Of Natures face.
When daylight shares her grace...

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Daylight Shares Her Grace