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I found myself out of place, out of sorts

And out of luck, on top of which it rained

Heavily. Big summer blobs bouncing down

The road, gurgling in the gutters. Racing

Riverlets, bubbling deltas, rushing and

Gushing pell-mell for the storm drains and

Ultimately the swollen rivers beyond


Caught in a cloudburst it was hard to

Hear much above the noise of the rain

And the high-pitched swish of passing

Traffic but somewhere in there another

Sound, a sad sound, the pitiful cry of an

Animal in distress. A sound that lead me

To the nearby hedgerow where buried

Deep within a layer of dead leaves and

Highway detritus lay a little King Charles

Spaniel, wet and bedraggled and clearly

Frightened by the storm overhead and

The fast moving traffic only feet away


'Hello, sunshine.' I said, as I gingerly

Approached the little lad. 'Not been the

Best of days so far eh?' I didn't want to

Add to his alarm but I'd no need to worry

For he slowly crawled towards me head

Down tail between his legs and raising

His head began to gently lick my hands

'Come on sunshine,' I said again, lifting

His cold shivering little body into my arms

Where he clung to me burying his head

In my shirt


Wrapping my already very wet jacket

Around a very wet and muddy little

Dog didn't initially do either of us much

Good, but our body heat soon got going

And the joy on my part of rescuing a

Defenceless animal has its own reward

In terms of warmth


Was he lost or abandoned? I don’t know

Who he belonged to I never found out

Either. There was a number on his collar

Which I rang every day for a week, but

No one answered and so you find us still

Together today my little orphan and I. As

To his new name? Well, I dwelt on that

For while before finally deciding to call

Him Storm

© Joseph G Dawson
07/04/2018 – 24/02/2017

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