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 Stories Untold, of Old (Part 1" Once Upon a Time")
"Once upon a time,"
Just a small cottage on the outskirts of town.
Near the forest, beyond the Sea.
Lived a woman 
Who loved the land, she would water and feed
and tend to its need.
There grew an extraordinary
Crop, that was gleaming and with priceless light,
An amazing colorful sight.

Her garden was not ordinary, it was full of gems
and gold. It would sparkle in sunlight, and glow
Like newly fallen snow. 
Each row was of pearls was a delight so smooth
and dazzling white.
Emerald stones outlined this crop, its richness shown

Diamonds, and rubies intice with a reflection of multicolor ice
In the middle stood an aroma of sweet smelling spice.
A single rose of gold stood lonely and cold.
It was a flower that never wilted and possessed an interesting power.
In the drought, it would flow pure nurturing waters,
In floods, it would swallow the waters and tone the land,
In its loneliness, it reached out a helping hand.

One day the earth started to quake, this garden 
Was swallowed deep, the riches within was locked
 the garden was trapped in its keep.
Somehow the earth's hold became unraveled,
The garden grew and traveled. 
Deep in the earth, it grew in worth.

The cottage is a pile of dust, that disappeared
In the north winds gust, it did disappear without
Without a trace, and particles carried in a far
Enchanting place.

Some people say they see the woman walking 
The grounds, they hear her mournful sounds.
They see her stand with a rose in her hand, 
With the gems of time in her crown so grand.

Mother Nature is her name, for in one fading 
The moment you'll see that Father Earth has made
His claim, When Mother Nature calls out his 

They say, "All that glitters is not gold," Even in the
Stories of "Old"  The richness in life, is the spirit
Of the fair and the bold.
Within their light, shines the true gold!
Stories of old are searching to be told!
( Dedicated to my grandchildren's children.)

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Stories Untold, of Old