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Beaten Path

On the road home, snow and wind
Was at my back,
I saw a falcon flying low,
with full wings and rising,
it looked as if it was sizing.
Ready to make its kill, 
A bit disturbing and surprising.

An old country road, where the cattle roam!
The field that yields, green beans, and corn.
In a land where freedom is born,
the heart and soul unite 
with the mind untorn.

The journey seemed pressed and stresses my face was looking through smoked
Gold was reduced to brass,  my life before me begins to pass.

Snow still covers the grass. 
Rolling down the road in one direction, 
Lost hope of smooth protection.

One life, one soul, one heart that beats.
Time to weigh victory and defeat.
Travel the beaten path,
avoid the street. Finding an end
to petty deceit.

One more mile, many steps to behold
To turn the brass back to gold.
The love and heart of understanding
Will embrace life undemanding.

Last step, walking tall, only night 
Remains to fall, in the valley below
Where the end of days, has found 
Heaven's glow...

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Beaten Path