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A World So Grand

When seasons pass in time, God watches from above.
He watches winter cold and brings the Spring to life and Zing.
Summer steps in with a cooling swim, stars of the night
Shines with sparkle bright, the Owls Hoot in their awesome flight!

When Summer slowly fades, he watches leaves adorn
The trees, colors come alive, the creature save their food
For winters cold, when Autumn surrenders to the icy chill
A busy Autumn prepares their might!
So God watches from above and sends each season with
His love.

In midnight splendor he fills the sky with soft Moonlight
Haze, and brings us multicolor seasons maze.
I thank him for his creation and walk in this world
Without hesitation.

Thank You, God, for the world you've
Made so grand.
In any part of the world, we may stand, mountains high,
Or hot desert sand, he leaves the imprint of His.....
loving hand!

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A World So Grand