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Fallen angel

He took her hand and led her away. She had no

Future elsewhere so what did it matter what he

Did with her. Yet regardless of his somewhat

Unkempt appearance and her doubts as to his

Intentions his motives were honourable as she

Would soon discover to her delight


In a world of much wants more enough is never

Enough, especially when there is always that little

Extra to be had if you know which string to pull

And pulling strings was what Sadie had done for

Much of her young life and now she found herself

Locked up for prostitution and what good in God's

Name would that do?


With a baby at her breast and other pockets to feed

What sense was there in prosecuting the only

Bread winner her little family had ever had? Typical

Big-stick government thinking. The law is the law

And oh yea, the law can be an ass!


Sometimes for some people fortune can change in

A flash and so it was for Sadie. Back on the streets

He picked her up in his car, sat with her for an hour

Just talking and then getting out a well heeled wallet

Gave her more money than she'd earned in a week

Just for talking and being honest about her plight

He was an artist he told her and one day she would

Sit for him


He became a regular customer. She'd see him

Across the street, watching her, keeping an eye

On her and then he'd pick her up again and they'd

Talk for an hour sometimes two and the reward was

Always generous. She told him of her arrest and

That picking her up might land him with a fine or

Worse but he didn't seem to care


And then one night it came to pass that he wasn't

There. Oh, there were plenty of cars around but not his

Suddenly she felt vulnerable and exposed where was

He and why did she even care? Just another punter

With a fetish. But no, that was not what he was, far

From it. Slowly tears blurred her vision and in the chill

Night air her nose began to run


A handkerchief proffered from behind was gratefully

Received and turning she fell into the arms of a man

She hardly knew but who had been kinder to her than

Anyone in her whole life


He took her hand and led her away. His car parked

In a side street flashed its lights as they approached

They sat for a while talking her head on his shoulder

She pinched herself over and over again perchance

She was dreaming and would soon find herself back

Where she belonged. But she was not dreaming and

With the dawning of each new day she finally got used

To the idea that a good man had fallen in love with her

And that she and her baby where now safe from harm


From his side of the bargain he was simply head over

Heels in love. He'd met the girl of his dreams. A

Peculiar occupation granted but so what? He'd fallen

In love with a girl who every time she moved she thrilled

Him from head to toe. More beautiful with every inclination

Of her head, every turn of her body. Her face a picture, her

Profile a star. No matter which way he looked at her she

Drew him in


In fact she was the most adorable creature he'd seen

This side of heaven. Of course he was totally biased

And why wouldn't he be? What she once did for a living

Had no bearing on the fact that she was an angel

Fallen, but now saved

A little late night fantasy

© Joseph G Dawson
10/04/2018 – 16/02/2016

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