So Think Twice

God is good and everything good
Comes from God.
The only thing that the devil did
Was he brought death into life
Yet free will was given to all by God
The talent of Mankind
Was given to us
By Lord God Creator
Author of all life

Glory to the Heavenly Father
Our Lord Savior Jesus Christ
And Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God
Glory to the Holy Trinity forever

So think twice
Don't fall into devils lies
Don't give him credit
For the only thing he brought
To Mankind
By being a creation himself is
He brought death into people's lives

God was the one who gave you
Your talents and skills
He was the one that gave you life
His light sparked
In your mother's womb before your conception

Give God the glory
For everything good in your life
For God is good
And everything good comes from God
As life itself comes from Him
It's given to us by Him
So trust and believe in Jesus Christ

Free will was given by God
Creator of all life
Including the life of all angels
That is why He placed
The tree of knowledge of good and evil
In the garden of Eden
So people could use free will
And choose out of their free will
Not to eat from it
God is the originator of free will
For He created all his creation with free will

God is the one who created Adam to exist forever and God created
Their bodies and sexual enter course
So that Adam and Eve could multiply
And fill this earth
He blessed them and said
Be fruitful and multiply
And fill the earth

Imagine how long that would be to fill
The whole earth and to live forever
To be with a pure nature
To be forever beautiful and youthfull
Naked and not ashamed
To have a direct relationship with God Himself

Yet because of the devil
Fallen nature and death
Had entered Mankind
And God had to sacrifice
His only Begotten Son
On the cross
For our sins and transgressions

God then in three days
Brought Him back to life
His name is
Our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ

Even if you are an unbeliever
God still gave you your talents
And the time to use your free will
To choose and believe in the truth

That God Creator of all life exists
And that you can be reconciled
With Him through
Jesus Christ
His only Begotten Son

So call on His name
Ask for forgiveness
Believe and get baptised
In water by full immersion
And be baptised with the Holy Spirit
By at least once
Speaking in other tongues
As a confirmation
For that confirms
That you became born
Of the Holy Spirit of God

Genesis 1:27-28 English Standard Version (ESV)

27 So God created man in his own image,
    in the image of God he created him;
    male and female he created them.

28 And God blessed them.
And God said to them,
"Be fruitful and multiply
and fill the earth
and subdue it,

and have dominion
over the fish of the sea
and over the birds of the heavens
and over every living thing
that moves on the earth."

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