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I Almost Screamed

The rippling waters of the sea carry me ashore.
The wet salty clothes are all I have of this world.
Not another person in sight and the hour grows
close to nightfall, the sun declines,
it slowly ceases
To shine.

The sounds of the waters rise and fall, echoes 
With the ebbing tide. The Sand clings to either
It all began with a Jet ride, a storm raced with
an unpredictable pace.

So here I am still alive. Wondering if anyone else
Only time will tell, what happened to us all when 
From those clouds, that jet plane quickly fell.
No peace of mind, until some answers, I find.

Under the stars, my heavy eyes closed tight
Giving in, to regain strength from the night.
The sun beat down from a crystal blue sky
In the distance my name was called, I stood 
So fast I nearly fell.

My fishing pool was in my hand, now I began
To understand. I was close to letting go of
A scream, when I realized this was all a 
Dream. What a relief, to be able to wake up 
From such grief! 

If dreams come true, This was one can pass,
I'll walk on home, and be happy I just snored,
After catching that Bass...

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I Almost Screamed