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Try not to Hesitate

Golden days open the mind, to a place of another kind.
When standing at the crossroads, more choices to find.
Intellectuals protest, their thoughts don't seem to rest.
"To each their own, " they say, we all find our own way.

Do we walk to the same drummer, does the tune fade 
Too soon?
Does the beat carry the same humdrum tune?
No dancing or running will come in its stride, no need
To find a safe place to hide, obstacles at this point will
Help us abide.

No waiting or anticipating, the flow of time will keep the
Troubles in line.
Now if you should fall or falter, you will rise again and alter
and separate the bad from the good.
So if you can shine in the matters of hope, life has given 
Us the tools to cope. 

Stand true to yourself and others, be the one
To help your sisters and brothers.
Life is too short to waste, reach out
Try not to hesitate.....
You'll find love and peace is an awesome fate!

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Try not to Hesitate