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Beyond  The Open Skies

I have seen the world through your eyes.
Distant wonders reveal, a world so vibrantly

You look into my eyes and my heart begins
To warm, for many years you have sheltered
Me from the raging storm.

 I know my days are numbered, I know life slips away,
What I need to face is plain to see, is calling me.
So hold my love and try to recall, the flames that
Warmed past days, and how you filled my life
In so many ways.

A time will come and we will unite, as God would 
Have it we will never leave each other's sight.
I know how you can stand bravely in many 
Countless ways and how hard it is when a loved
One can't be saved, but remember I am nearby
Beyond the open sky, Where Gods sweet angels fly.

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Beyond the Open Skies