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Haunted Igloo

We've heard for years of A Haunted house on the Hill,
The ghostly figures that taunt and thrill,
How about the haunted house, it's relentless Spirit's
That steals cheese from a mouse.

Now in a frozen wasteland, a haunting begins 
It's a Haunted Igloo, all ghost within...
It rattles and shakes through 6 months of night
It is a gruesome frightening sight...

The Ghosts of a Polar Bear Family inhabits its dome
They sit in a circle in an Igloo they call home.
The Fish that hang from the ceiling by a string, disappears
When these bears start to dance and sing...

As you probably guessed well, their spirits were trapped
On the"The highway to hell"...How do I know, you might say
I'm the youngest one of this family, but full of might, come 
Spend the winter, I'll show you a fright...

There is no Other Igloo in sight, these ghostly bears chased
The Eskimos away...Guess they found a great place to stay...
6 months of the night they bump and fight, 6 months of day, then
Slip away...

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