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A Lunar Morning

Slowly the light breaks the darkness, bringing forth the new day,
Luna wanes to hold on as Her lighting fades out to blue
Sunny crests the horizon bringing back Her silvery-grayish hue.
Beautiful are the woods as Ray comes strolling through,  

Misty is born from Ray's warmth as She departs the wet bark
Joining in a dance clearing the wettest parts
Sunny's cutting through the trees as a Dole of Doves coo's out a serenade
The Chipmunks and the Squirrels put on the grandest of parades 

Luna finally fades to blue securing Her for the coming eve 
Sunny and Cloudscape articulates, the remainder of the day is a jamboree
Wonderful is the Morning as some may say, but then; 
Beautiful is the Night that waxes and wanes the day away   

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A Lunar Morning