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First Catch of Summer Vacation

Little Billy was jumping for joy! 
The school was out for summer
Vacation, he had a lot of anticipation.

The final bell the feeling so swell he 
Raced home to grab his cane fishing
Pole, his books were all turned in to
The school, now he scurries off to the
Fishing pool.

Days like this were a pure delight, he 
Held that pool with a skilled fisherman
Two big Bass swam in his pail, his skill
Would lead him back to the same old 
Old trail.

Sun was ready to set, he set all those fish
Free and walked back home as content as can be.
He ran home and told his mother how his
The catch was so lively and flopping so he set those
Fish free back to the waters stomping.

His Mother smiles and chuckles at him when she 
She saw his lovable grin.
A few hours into summer vacation, and Her Son
Gives his catch a warm liberation!

(Life is so good, for her boy and his cane pole, on carefree
Summer days, where a life of a child learns from their play
He did a small justice that day, and proudly walked away!)

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First Catch of Summer Vacation