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Wise and True

Tenderness is not forgotten.
Love reaches from the depth of uncertain lows, 
A Love that only grows.
Another seed buds,
integrity begins to show.

 The lofty solitude that shifts through
the air is rudely displayed, it is a skeleton poorly made.
Nothing will change, or be rearranged.
The ghost becomes enraged, a force that can not be

There can not be a refinement in confinement.  
The part that is free will sadly see.
Walk with honor above all, don't let values fall.
In a place beyond sorrows and joys,  beyond
hate or love, beyond the gates of heaven,  lives
peace and hope times seven.

Reap the hour of redemption, without terms of
contempt, moments inept can bring scars of 
Chaos, those are the times to toss, anyone 
Can boss.

May wisdom be with you, my daughter and sons
Stand wise and true, as sure as the sun is the day,
and moon Is night,
your amazing light
will truly...
shine through...

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Wise and True