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Church Picnic 

Little Billy would sing in church
He sang in tune, but sometimes not
Little Billy always gave a lot, as his
Mother would say," Give all you got."

One Sunday the church had a picnic 
Lunch, people gathered by the bunch.
Billy helped bring some chairs, tasty 
Morsels were everywhere.

Now a growing boy can eat much, and Billy
Filled up with that lunch, but little did he know
At the time, that it would pack quite a punch.
Potato salad, baked beans, chicken, spiced
Coleslaw, Billy went for it all.

So what's a picnic without bees and ants?
A question so tantalizing till they flew and 
Crawled up Billy's pants.
Stinging and biting Billy went running smacking
His legs, he overturned the plate of deviled eggs.

Running and heading to the lake, Billy made his big
Now drenched in the water 
no longer did he squirm 
But his shins still painfully burned. 
An allergic reaction at the hospital, he later learned.

His Mother asked Billy what happened. Her concerned
Feet were tappin' he smiled and said, "All God's creatures
Had a picnic this day, but I a few of them creatures got
In my way!" His mother took his hand and gave a warm
Tap, she smiled as he sat drenched in his favorite baseball

If there is anything Billy learned, was how thankful he was
The water of life was a lake that eased his burn.
(A thankful heart they say is a heart that fills the gaps of
The day.  Sometimes eases the price we pay.
God heard Billy's prayer that day.
Soon after his pain went away........)

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Church Picnic