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People that --------WORRY
They are a FRIEND,  in your  NEED, in a --------HURRY

People that --------Worry -NOT
too much care concern consideration and compassion for others they, don't --------CARE--------much--and----------GOT

People who --------WORRY
they are ---LOVING---and----truely---, KIND-HEARTED
and the most--- BEAUTIFUL---, people
that you could ever find and-------GODLYSEE

People who are --------Worryless
they could care about the Troubles of another--

A person who takes , on the STRESS Of-------- WORRY-------- care and concern
If you didn't realize it --------already
there deep care compasion, and ---FRIENDSHIP--- through their --------WORRY--------is deeply Respected APPRECIATED---and---------Learned

For a selfish person ---------worries-------- about others more the ---------LESS
as they would never, take on to --------worry --------about any other and increase their own sighness and ---------stress

When another for you they --------WORRY
its the greatest--- BLESSING--- of a --------TRUE---GODSEND---and--- FRIENDSHIP--------, that can never
ever Tip
in your Life living and LOVE, the greatest GODGIFTED
Blessing-- So

By  John d JUNGERS
15th of APRIL 2018

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People that WORRY